How it works

Let’s get started

Before using the app, in order to be eligible to shop VAT free you need to register yourself at the on-base VAT office and acquire a NF1 form (You will need one NF1 form for purchases of up to €2,500.00).

First Things First

1. Signup

Get registered in our app using your e-mail address and a secure password. We also need your first and last name.

2. Check your e-mails

Please enter the verification code we send to you via e-mail (Please also check your spam or junk mail folder)!

3. Verify your identity

Please verify your identity by scanning your ID and taking a selfie, our app will tell you exactly how to proceed. Please note using IDs issued by the DOD is prohibited for online registrations.

4. Scan your receipts

You can now start scanning your receipts. Simply collect your receipts when shopping and scan them using the Remonon app. Our app will help you to make sure the text on the receipt is clearly readable.

5. Settle your claim

Check and confirm your purchases and refunds.

By the end of the Month

As soon as you are ready to make your claim please fill out and scan a NF1 form. Our app will support you and tell you exactly how to fill out the VAT form.

Get your refund!

We help you save money on all your purchases for goods and services all over Germany.

Check your receipt

Please make sure the receipts you scan show the following details:

  • Supplier name
  • Supplier address
  • Date of supply/service
  • Description of goods and/or services
  • VAT (7% and 19%)
  • Total
  • Supplier tax/VAT-Number

Please note total and billing address

When shopping online

When checking out please make sure the billing details are changed to the following:

Name: NOVAT GmbH
Last name: Your Name
Street: Am Gruenderzentrum 1
Postcode: 92655
City: Grafenwoehr

Save the invoice on your phone and upload the invoice to the Remonon app.

When shopping for more than €250

When checking out please inform the vendor you need the receipt to be issued with the following biling address:

Name: NOVAT GmbH
Last name: Your Name
Street: Am Gruenderzentrum 1
Postcode: 92655
City: Grafenwoehr

Scan the receipt using the Remonon app. Please make sure the text is readable.

You have any questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions regarding our Remonon app or services.