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A convenient app to save tax € for all your purchases in Germany

We help you save money on all your purchases for goods and services all over Germany.

Germany has a high consumer tax. Outside of COLA, tax relief is one of the essential tools provided to US Forces to make the cost of living more manageable while they are stationed abroad.

From everyday expenses to online purchases, Remonon helps its users to reap the maximum benefits out of US Forces Tax Free Forms.

Every year members of the US Forces save hundreds of thousands of Euros by using the forms. According to IMCOM-Europe in an average pre COVID-19 year about 300,000 VAT forms were issued and an average of €57 was saved.

Our mission is to increase these numbers and help members of the US Forces save money on ALL their purchases in Germany. VAT-forms are unfortunately oftentimes impractical, especially for daily life expenses. The savings for these purchases is often outweighed by the cost of the forms.

Remonon provides the solution to also save money on everyday purchases.

We also simplify the process for the businesses as they no longer have to work through the VAT Forms themselves. This means no more rejection of your VAT form by the vendor and no more long explanations or delays at the checkout. Our user-friendly App will serve as your trusty companion in managing your off-post spendings and saving money on every purchase, no matter if in store or online.

Of course, our service is compliant to all German and American regulations and complies to AER 215-6.